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No. 5

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by Chuck Hurst
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Mind the Gap!

As instructors, we all know how easy it is to have learning gaps. After all, it’s difficult to know what really sticks in the minds of our students.



We find the same thing happens in communications with our members. There are gaps in their knowledge about HSLDA and all the benefits membership offers. Take this little quiz and see if you have any gaps in your knowledge of HSLDA.

1. Who can join HSLDA?

  1. All homeschoolers—regardless of religious affiliation
  2. Christian homeschoolers
  3. Grandparents and young couples with no children
  4. All of the above

2. How many homeschool groups across the United States participate in HSLDA’s Discount Group Program?

  1. 250
  2. 500
  3. 750
  4. 1,000 or more

3. How does our latest member benefit, Home Ed Expert, help families successfully homeschool?

  1. Helps you identify just the right curriculum for your child(ren)
  2. Helps you keep records
  3. Gives personalized answers to your challenging questions
  4. Provides a homeschool “Supernanny”

4. How long has HSLDA been offering services to homeschoolers?

  1. 10–15 years
  2. 16–20 years
  3. 21–25 years
  4. More than 25 years

5. How much money was donated to the Home School Foundation last year as a result of families shopping through our Clicks for Homeschooling program?

  1. About $25,000
  2. About $30,000
  3. About $35,000
  4. $40,000 or more

6. What feature can you not find on the new HSLDA toolbar?

  1. HSLDA Curriculum Market
  2. HSLDA PerX
  3. Clicks for Homeschooling
  4. Scholarship information

How did you do? Check your answers using the key below!

If you want more information about anything you learned from this quiz, we want to bridge the gap, so please give us a call at 540-338-5600. We’ll be glad to fill you in!

Answer Key

1) D. Really, almost anyone can be a member. Tell your friends!

2) D. Actually, there are over 1,000 groups. Visit to find one near you.

3) A. It’s a great new tool! (Were you hoping for C, personalized advice? Our early years, high school, and special needs coordinators are available to answer members’ questions!)

4) D. HSLDA has been helping families for 27 years—since 1983!

5) C. Just over $35,000 went to HSF last year, but we’d like to grow that to $40,000 in 2010.

6) D. Our toolbar has some great features that will help you utilize the benefits that work for your family. However, for scholarship information, please visit our Homeschooling thru High School website and the Foundation website for details on HSF’s PHC Scholarship.

About the author

Chuck Hurst is director of the HSLDA Membership Department.