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Triennial Census is Down for the Count

Every three years Virginia homeschooling families have endured the ritual of a census taker knocking on their door and asking for information about their school-age children. This intrusion into a family’s privacy has never been pleasant, and has sometimes caused considerable anxiety and confusion.

Home School Legal Defense Association has routinely advised families that they are entirely within their rights to refuse to give information to the school census taker. But persistent census takers have sometimes annoyingly returned again and again to collect information.

Several bills were filed during the current legislative session to abolish this needlessly expensive procedure for determining how tax revenues will be distributed to public schools. As of March 3, 2010, one of these measures, House Bill 669, successfully passed both houses of the legislature.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff wrote a letter to Governor Bob McDonnell urging him to sign the bill. The bill was signed on April 11. The massive statewide triennial inconvenience is history.

— by Scott A. Woodruff