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Records Important even in Homeschool-friendly State

While many states burden parents with unnecessary paperwork, Texas does not. Regardless of official requirements, parents still need to keep good records, especially during the high school years. Home School Legal Defense Association has heard from some families whose students and graduates have been detrimentally affected by the lack of a transcript, a written high school plan, or a diploma.

There are a number of reasons these records are important to your student’s future plans. Colleges, for example, review high school courses and programs when considering admission applications. Not having those records could impact your child’s educational options. Furthermore, in the event of a tragedy that leaves the family eligible for Social Security survivor or disability benefits, high school records are necessary to demonstrate eligibility for students over 18. If your child desires to join the military, a high school transcript will influence his or her recruiting status.

Should any of our members need recordkeeping assistance, tips, or ideas, HSLDA offers several helpful resources. Check out the March/April 2009 Court Report article “Recordkeeping: Is It Worth the Trouble?” at, visit www.hslda .org/highschool (click on “Record keeping” under “Academics”), or contact HSLDA’s high school coordinators with your specific questions by going to contactstaff or calling 540-338-5600.

Even though not required by Texas law, having records and transcripts will help your children to succeed by documenting what a superb education they have received.

— by Darren A. Jones