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Beauty School Recognizes Homeschool Diploma

After graduating from her family’s homeschool, Jackie Anwell (name changed to protect privacy) applied for admission to Raphael’s School of Beauty in Brunswick. Shortly after being accepted, however, Jackie was contacted by the director of admissions, who explained that her homeschool diploma was not acceptable. Jackie was told that if she did not take an ability to benefit test she would be forced to abandon her studies.

Mrs. Anwell contacted Home School Legal Defense Association and explained her daughter’s predicament. HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly promptly contacted the director of admissions, asserting that a homeschool diploma is legally valid and urging the school to let Jackie remain enrolled without having to take the ability to benefit test. The very next day, the school’s president contacted HSLDA and agreed to accept Jackie’s diploma and drop the demand for an ability to benefit test.

While colleges are generally free to set their own admission standards, both the United States Department of Education and Congress encourage colleges to accept students based on their academic ability and not the accreditation status of the school at which they received their education.

— by Michael P. Donnelly