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Home Visit in NYC

On a recent Sunday in New York City, the Wether family (name changed to protect privacy) found a note from the NYC Department of Education Central Office of Home Schooling on their door. It said that a public school official had stopped by “to discuss the status of your child’s current educational program.” Since the Wethers are members of Home School Legal Defense Association, they contacted us for help.

HSLDA Staff Attorney Thomas Schmidt learned from Mr. and Mrs. Wether that although they had submitted all of the required documentation, the school official’s note stated that the central office was missing their Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) along with their first and the second quarterly reports.

Schmidt sent a letter to the central office explaining that Mr. and Mrs. Wether had submitted the IHIP in July and that both quarterly reports had been submitted before the dates indicated in the IHIP. As a courtesy, Schmidt included copies of the documents originally submitted.

Schmidt’s letter also requested that the central office review its recordkeeping polices in order to prevent a similar problem from occurring again. Parents who are required to submit documentation to local school officials need to have assurance that their documents are properly filed and that they won’t receive any unwarranted harassment in the form of home visits. We expect that the Wethers will not have any further difficulties.

— by Thomas J. Schmidt