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Red Alert

Home School Legal Defense Association classifies states according to their regulatory requirements and other factors on our state laws page at Because of what we consider a “hostile regulatory environment,” we are reclassifying New Hampshire as a “red state.”

New Hampshire homeschoolers have fought intense legislative battles to defend their freedom from excessive government regulation over the past several years. Although New Hampshire’s homeschool law requires families to annually notify a participating agency and submit assessment results, there have been significant attempts by state legislators to impose new regulations on homeschoolers. The New Hampshire Department of Education has also demonstrated its antipathy to homeschool freedom by attempting to circumvent the Home Education Advisory Council, proposing a set of rules that would have imposed new restrictions (some contrary to the law). To the great credit of the New Hampshire State Board of Education, this process was handled so that only minimal changes to the rules were made, as required by changes in the homeschool law over recent years.

HSLDA is grateful for the support of our over 500 member families in the Granite State. Even though the state’s regulatory environment is hostile, your vigilance and teamwork with Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire and HSLDA have prevented even more burdensome changes to New Hampshire’s homeschool law.

— by Michael P. Donnelly