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We are looking for humorous, warm anecdotes and true stories illustrating that homeschooling is the best educational alternative around.

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Identifying the princ-sect

This year, our 2-year-old has enjoyed “participating” in our early American history and creation science studies, learning about such topics as the Jamestown settlement and the insect world right along with his siblings. However, since he is primarily just a listener, I have no real gauge of how well he is keeping his “facts” straight. That is, until moments like yesterday, when I was reading him a picture book at naptime.

On the page was a big green bug, to which he pointed with an excited “Look, Mommy! There’s Po-ca-mantis!”

—by Sara A. / Radcliff, KY

The key for every question . . .

On Saturday mornings, my children love to make waffles with their father. Last Saturday, our waffle maker stopped working, so my husband promptly bought a new one. As the children were admiring the shiny new appliance, my husband said, “Let’s see how this thing works!” After looking for directions on the box, my 8-year-old daughter responded, “Dad, get the teacher’s manual!”

—by the G. Family / Dyer, IN

Eyewitness to history

Recently, our homeschool history co-op studied Hannibal's crossing of the Alps with his elephants. Later, when my parents were visiting us, I shared my amazement at the facts about the expedition I'd relearned while working on the lessons with my children.

"I remember that," my mother began to reminisce.

"You were there?" blurted out 9-year-old Zachary.

His grandfather almost spit out his tea as he burst into laughter. Luckily for Zach, his granny thought it was funny too!

—by Stephanie K. / San Antonio, TX

The beginning of knowledge

Tonight, as we were getting ready for evening prayer, my 5-year-old shared her deepest thoughts.

Mary: God didn’'t have a startation.

Me: What didn't He have, Mary?

Mary: You know, He didn’t have a beginning!

—by Ronda L. / Collinsville, OK

Expostulating his thesis

As we homeschooled around the kitchen table one morning, Christian commented, “If we had perfect air like the Garden of Eden, the plants would grow really big.”

Jenna’s eyes lit up and her mouth opened to jump into this new topic, but Christian stopped her: “Let me finish my scientific notation.”

—by Karen W. / South Lyon, MI

Stretching a dollar

Recently, while we were shopping, our 4-year-old wanted to purchase a $10 army man set from his savings—which, unfortunately, he didn’t have on hand. I asked him doubtfully if he had enough money to pay me back when we got home. He assured me that his older brother had taught him the numbers, and he knew that he had $11.

Once we arrived home, I told him to pay Mommy for the army men. He brought me two one-dollar bills and explained that two “ones” together make 11, so now I owed him a dollar!

—by Denise D. / Virginia Beach, VA

The taste of virtue

My wife taped paper cutouts of various fruits to our kitchen wall and labeled them with virtues such as love, joy, peace, and kindness to help our children remember the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

As we sat around the dinner table one night, my 8-year-old daughter, Hannah, looked up at the picture of the watermelon and said, “I tried self-control once, but I didn’t like it.”

—by Justin K. / Providence, RI