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by Cherise Ryan Curby
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Many Hands Making a Difference

Volunteer to help homeschooling families in need! The Home School Foundation, HSLDA’s charitable arm, has started a volunteer program to help homeschooling families, groups, and youth programs find and help families in their area who are experiencing hardships.

The Ambassador Program networks volunteers all over the country to reach families in tangible, personal ways such as repairing a widow’s roof, helping a single mom with yard maintenance, or putting together backpacks of school supplies for needy homeschooled children.

The Ambassador Program aims to help needy homeschoolers.

Ambassador volunteers use both HSF gifts and the resources of the local community to reach out and meet needs in their homeschool community. They provide information about HSF to those in need, explain the mission of the Foundation to potential donors, and provide local homeschooling families with opportunities to serve each other.

The Ambassador Program is a three-tiered network of state and local volunteers.

State Ambassadors are the voice of HSF. They share about opportunities to serve families and give to the various HSF funds, represent us at conferences and fundraising events, and inform charitable organizations and individuals about our mission and resources.

Community Ambassadors are the eyes and ears of HSF. They represent HSF on a community level, identify needs in their homeschool support groups and communities, then organize and implement local service projects to help struggling homeschooling families.

Service Ambassadors are the hands and feet of HSF. They are individuals and families tangibly meeting needs with the support of the Ambassador network and the resources of HSF. This means bringing blessing, healing, and a personal touch to homeschooling families in need, such as widows and single parents struggling to make ends meet, families with special needs children, or families recovering from natural disasters.

Are you interested in getting involved in any one of these three tiers of volunteer work? Please contact the Ambassador Program coordinator at Also visit the Foundation website,, and look under “Give Help” and “Volunteer: Ambassador Program” for more information.

About the author

Cherise Ryan Curby is the Home School Foundation website project manager and editor.

From the Director

Chuck Hurst
Chuck Hurst

A few years ago, I participated in a “Christmas in April” project. Thirty men armed with hammers, tools, and paintbrushes descended on a small nearby farm. The owner, a homeschooling widow with two teenage daughters, was both happy and in tears from the time we arrived until we finished at sunset.

Her late husband, who passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack, never anticipated that he would be leaving his wife and daughters with all the work that needed to be done on their farm. But he also would have been pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support from fellow believers who came to the aid of his family: repairing, painting, cleaning, and landscaping. When we left the farm, it looked amazing—almost new—and the wife and daughters were truly elated.

In my estimation, though, those of us who did the work were the most blessed.

Through the Foundation’s Ambassador Program, we see similar opportunities within the homeschool community—to give blessing and receive it. Families impacted by life’s hardships—a death, separation, or disaster—can be blessed by fellow homeschoolers, and we who do the work can be even more blessed. To become one of those blessed by giving your time and talents, check out how you can become involved with the HSF Ambassador Program at

For more details on how you can help, please call HSF at 540-338-8688, visit our website or email

—Chuck Hurst, Executive Director