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by Melanie M. Palazzo
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Michele Bachmann—Standing Strong in Washington, D.C.
Michele Bachmann

U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (MN-6) is a friend to homeschoolers and an advocate for parental rights.

During a time when government seems to be growing a mile a minute and parents’ rights to raise their children are questioned, we voters sometimes struggle with being disheartened. From a distance, Washington, D.C., seems to be full of politicians who ignore polls, deliberately choose not to represent citizens, and instead push their own agenda.

Yet with a closer look at Capitol Hill, we can see and be encouraged by a tireless minority fighting for our rights to homeschool. One of those who deserve our thanks and support for being in this fight is United States Representative Michele Bachmann.

The sixth district of Minnesota voted Mrs. Bachmann to the United States House of Representatives in 2006. Since then, she has vigorously fought to protect our freedoms and prevent any government hindrance to homeschooling.

The congresswoman is no stranger to homeschoolers’ needs or the struggles of parents with large families. She has five children whom she homeschooled for three years. In addition, the Bachmanns have opened their home to 23 foster children.

Showing her support of parental rights, Rep. Bachman cosponsored the Parental Rights Amendment (House Joint Resolution 42). This constitutional amendment would protect parents from United Nations treaties like the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The congresswoman has also made herself available to inspire homeschool students. This past summer, Generation Joshua gathered 120 homeschooled high schoolers in Washington, D.C., to learn firsthand how the government works and how they can make a difference. Rep. Bachmann graciously and enthusiastically accepted the invitation to speak to these students. She told the homeschoolers how much she appreciated them—how active and smart they were. “Stand strong and stay involved because you are needed” was her message to this group of teenagers.



HSLDA Director of Federal Relations Will Estrada views Michele Bachmann as “a tremendous friend of ho-meschoolers. Whenever there is a battle in Congress that matters to homeschoolers, Bachmann is leading the charge.”

Rep. Bachmann has never wavered from her principles in order to play politics in Washington. Just recently, she told CBN News where she gains her strength. “The Lord is my strength and He is my rock and my salvation . . . We really are pilgrims here in this world. Our true life is our eternal life in Heaven in Jesus Christ.” Because of her beliefs and her courage to do what is right, she has taken more then her share of criticism. Yet she remains undaunted.

Michele Bachmann is just one of a committed minority in Washington who have not wavered in an uphill climb. It is not all dark in Washington.

About the author

Melanie Palazzo is the HSLDA Congressional Action Program Director.