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Waukesha Census Form Issue Resolved

The Hasslett family (name changed to protect privacy) received a letter from the Waukesha Assistant Superintendent for Student Services and Special Education asking them to fill out a “school district census” form. The letter said the district was “required to maintain census information on all students living in the district ages zero to twenty.” The form called for each child’s name, birth date, ethnicity, disability status, language spoken at home, etc.

This puzzled the Hassletts, since they had already submitted their annual enrollment form and were in full compliance with the law. Members of Home School Legal Defense Association, they contacted us for guidance. We told them they could disregard the census form since no law required them to complete it.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff followed up and wrote a letter asking the official to state the authority by which he was placing this burden on Waukesha homeschoolers. He replied promptly by phone, emphasized the school district’s desire to maintain a good relationship with homeschoolers, and agreed to change the language in the future to make it clear that the form is optional.

— by Scott A. Woodruff