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Neighbor Reports False Allegations

Recently, Home School Legal Defense Association members Mr. and Mrs. Fry (name changed to protect privacy) contacted us after a child protective services (CPS) investigator arrived at their door, demanding to interview all of their children based on allegations of child neglect. Mrs. Fry declined to let the CPS caseworker in, explaining that she needed to call HSLDA first.* The investigator left, restating that she needed to interview the children alone, without their parents.

As the Frys discussed the situation with HSLDA Attorney Darren Jones, he learned that a disgruntled neighbor who had been complaining to the family about their homeschooling had made the false allegations of neglect. Jones promptly informed the caseworker of these additional facts and offered to set up a meeting for the parents and the investigator to address the allegations.

After HSLDA’s intervention, the family did not hear from the caseworker again and has been able to continue homeschooling in peace.

— by Darren A. Jones

* See “HSLDA social services contact policy.”