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Superintendent Suggests Monitoring Homeschoolers

Home School Legal Defense Association Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff recently wrote this letter to the editor of the Centralia Sentinel:

Your recent article, “Fewer students registered as taught at home,” said that local school superintendent Keri Garrett “would like to see more monitoring of homeschooled students.”

Presumably Garrett envisions that homeschooled students would be monitored by public school teachers. According to large-scale scientific studies, students being monitored by public school teachers (i.e., public school students) score at the 50th percentile, on average, on standardized tests. But homeschooled students score at the 83rd percentile. The remarkable scores of homeschooled students would need to come down 33 percentile points to equal the scores of students already being monitored by public school teachers.

There is no justification for having public school teachers monitor homeschooled students.

Our thanks go to HSLDA member Jason Branch, who brought the Centralia Sentinel article to our attention.

— by Scott A. Woodruff