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by William Estrada
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Generation Joshua Summer Leadership Camps Inspire Teens

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” So said John Adams, second president of the United States. Yet today, we often wonder if we will ever again see a president who believes that. Even worse, do the voters believe that?

GenJ campers pose for a group photo.
Generation Joshua
iGovern attendees spend the week running campaigns, learning the political process and playing outdoor games.

At Generation Joshua, we believe that it is imperative that young people—the voters and leaders of tomorrow—be taught about our nation’s heritage and about how they can make a difference in our land.

That’s the purpose of our summer leadership camps. Known as iGovern, these weeklong camps have educated hundreds of teenagers about the original intent of the Constitution, provided hands-on training in how our government operates, and inspired and equipped them to return home and make a difference in their communities and in our nation. Most importantly, the attendees of our summer camps are challenged to grow as Christian men and women.

During iGovern, a simulated legislative body and presidential campaign demonstrate the intricacies of our political system. Teens take on the roles of congressmen—writing and passing legislation, interacting with lobbyists and constituents, and nominating and campaigning for their party’s presidential candidate—and see how difficult it can be, but how essential it is, to live out their faith in real life. They learn how to mature in grace and integrity while holding true to their convictions. From the safety of this simulated environment, teens are challenged to think out the implications of their actions and ideas and to weigh the consequences of their words and choices.

Meet new friends at GenJ camp.
Generation Joshua
New friendships blossom at Generation Joshua iGovern summer camp.

A 16-year-old from Colorado, Jenna, summarizes her experience at iGovern: “I learned a lot actually. I had never been put through such a comprehensive and helpful course in government. Learning how to be a Christian and do well in politics is one of the best things that I learned.”

“I believe that this has given me invaluable experience for fulfilling my dream of serving God in politics,” says Jared, a 17-year-old from South Carolina. “Also, iGovern has inspired me to conduct myself with integrity and wisdom.”

Generation Joshua’s iGovern summer leadership camps combine Christianity, real-world politics, adventure, and wholesome fun, while at the same time teaching and inspiring teens. Dedicated Christian staff and speakers provide powerful motivation to young people. Past speakers have included authors Alex and Brett Harris, numerous congressmen, WallBuilders founder David Barton, Major General (Retired) Bentley Rayburn, Summit Ministries founder Dr. David Noebel, HSLDA President Mike Smith, HSLDA Chairman Mike Farris, and many more.

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