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District Rejects IHIP Because of PE

This fall Mr. and Mrs. Woodlawn (names changed to protect privacy) contacted Home School Legal Defense Association for help after they received a letter from their local school district rejecting all of their Individualized Home Instruction Program (IHIP) forms for their three children. Two of their children’s IHIPs were rejected because they did not include physical education and the third was rejected because it did not include music. Two of the children were in high school and one was in elementary school.

In his letter, the director of curriculum and instruction for the Addison Central School District gave the Woodlawns 15 days to revise their IHIPs for further review.

HSLDA Staff Attorney Thomas Schmidt immediately contacted Addison and informed them that high school students were only required to complete two units of physical education. Since both high school students had already completed three units of physical education, there was no need for Mr. and Mrs. Woodlawn to provide further instruction in this area.

Regarding the Woodlawns’ elementary student, Schmidt pointed out that the Regulations of the New York State Commissioner of Education do not require a certain number of units of music to be covered for either homeschool students or public school students. While their child was taking both piano and guitar lessons, Mr. and Mrs. Woodlawn were not required to provide a full course of study in music.

Mr. and Mrs. Woodlawn have experienced no further difficulties from the school district.

— by Thomas J. Schmidt