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Due to space constraints, Doc’s Digest did not appear in the January/February 2010 issue. Doc’s Digest will resume publication on a new rotating schedule beginning in the March/April issue.
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Some Superintendents Still Don’t Get It

Paperwork confusion. Reporting deadlines. Overly intrusive forms. Requests for curriculum or testing. These are just a few of the issues Minnesota homeschoolers have to grapple with each year. It's not that there is a rampant problem in Minnesota with every school district or superintendent treading on the rights of home educators, but there is an annual recurrence of the same issues. While most superintendents don’t care to bother too much with homeschoolers, each year personnel changes and new trainees necessitate continual re-education. Yes, Home School Legal Defense Association is here to defend the big cases, like California’s In re: Jonathan L. (see the Nov./Dec. 2008 Court Report) and to help support legislative action. But we’re also here to help you with the hassles that uninformed or uneducated school officials impose upon you.

As more and more new homeschoolers get involved without the personal experience of past battles, it’s important that we work together to hold the line on compliance. For example, what do you do when the superintendent calls and asks for his or her annual visit? This is an uncommon request for most homeschoolers, and many would be ignorant of that fact that in lieu of this legally sanctioned visit to your home, you can provide the superintendent with three items—class schedules, copies of materials used for instruction, and a description of methods used to assess student achievement. In many cases, we can work with you to minimize the burden of complying with such requests. We encourage our members to contact us with questions like these.

— by Michael P. Donnelly