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Due to space constraints, Doc’s Digest did not appear in the January/February 2010 issue. Doc’s Digest will resume publication on a new rotating schedule beginning in the March/April issue.
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We are looking for humorous, warm anecdotes and true stories illustrating that homeschooling is the best educational alternative around.

All material printed in the Court Report will be credited, and the contributor will receive a $10 coupon good toward any HSLDA publication of his choice. Submissions may be edited for space. Please be aware that we cannot return photographs.

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Exploration Expiration

My 8-year-old daughter summed up her knowledge of the Age of Exploration as follows:
“An explorer is when you go explore every world—and then you die there.”

—by Sandy R. / Centennial, CO

Keeping Historical “Press-edent”

I bought a beautiful, large leather-bound history book at a yard sale thinking my four homeschooled children would enjoy it. The book turned out to be heavy, the wording tedious, and the illustrations yellowed and faded. After many years of having it sit on the schoolroom shelf, I decided to put the book in our own yard sale.

Helping me organize sale items, 9-year-old Emily saw me put the massive volume in a box to be taken outside. With much effort she lifted the book and said, “Mom, you can’t get rid of this book!” My delight that someone might have read and enjoyed the book was short lived, however, as Emily continued, “Where would I press my flowers?”

—by Martha A. / Rock Hill, SC

Just What I Wanted!

Saying his good-nights on his way up to bed, our 5-year-old son climbed on his mom’s lap and sweetly kissed her cheek. His mother whispered in his ear, “I prayed for you for years, and you are my wonderful gift from God.”

He lovingly looked in her eyes and whispered back, “You are my wonderful gift from God … I always wanted a mommy!”

—by the R. Family / Hixon, TN

Love Always Forgives

My almost-3-year-old and 7-year-old were fighting, but the youngest was instigating. I told them to apologize to each other and they did. Then I told them to kiss each other and say “I forgive you.”

The almost-3-year-old said “I forkiss you.” What a beautiful word—out of the mouth of babes!

—by Margot M. / La Porte, IN

The Elements of Dessert

When our new curriculum came in, my 10-year-old-son asked to do the same Integrated Chemistry and Physics class that my high school freshman daughter was taking. I assented, thinking we would try it out and see if he was able to understand the material.

I got my answer about a month later. We were enjoying the new fudge recipe that my daughter had discovered. My son was not pleased with the “fudge- sized” pieces we had been giving him, and would often ask for larger ones. Finally, one day, I heard my son huff to my daughter “You and mom are only giving me hydrogen-sized pieces …” he paused and with as much disgust as he could muster said, “And hydrogen only has one electron.”

—by Stephanie R. / North Pole, AK

Adding It All Up …

As a family of 11, our homeschool routine runs differently every day. On this particular day, my children were working independently, my husband, Rob, was doing taxes, and I was checking the children's work. My 5-year-old daughter, Kimi, came and showed her 1st grade math work to Daddy.

My husband looked at her work in amazement and said, “Wow! She did this all by herself? Even addition of double digits?”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I responded with surprise. “I haven’t taught her to add double digits. Please check to see if all of her answers are right.”

“Yes, they are all right!” he replied. Then he looked at Kimi and asked, “How did you do this without anybody’s help?”

Very quietly and shyly, Kimi brought her hand from behind her back and showed us my husband’s calculator.

My husband Rob said, “Ah, there it is! I’ve been looking for it all day to do taxes.’ We all had a good laugh in the end.

—by Leza B. / Noblesville, IN

The Last Resort

One August we were camping in upstate New York, where temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit. Of course, our chosen time proved to be rainy and cold every day. Our almost-3-year-old daughter tried valiantly to entertain herself, and wound up digging up a large clump of grass and dragging it with her everywhere. When the novelty of the grass had worn off, she looked up at me ever-so-seriously and asked, “Can I go in the tent and freeze?”

—by Janine I. / Franklin, NY

Free Market Manipulatives

I was teaching my 12-year old son about averages. After using manipulatives and then learning the formula, he protested, “But, Mom, this is communist math! We’re taking from the one with the most and giving it to the one with the least.”

Overruling his objection that he shouldn’t have to do this assignment since he is a capitalist, I assigned the exercises. He completed his work, but not without drawing a red hammer and sickle on the page!

—by Rochelle W. / Hutchinson, KS