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by Will Estrada
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GenJ Students Learn in Action

Generation Joshua students were on the front lines of the historic elections last year. A team of over 40 Generation Joshua volunteers and leaders worked on the special election for the United States House of Representatives seat in New York’s 23rd Congressional District. And over 150 volunteers, led by GenJ staff, worked in four locations in Virginia.

Students make phone calls.
©Generation Joshua/ Tony Cavicchi
Generation Joshua students helped propel pro-homeschooling, pro-family candidates to a double digit victory in Virginia.

The New York team had come together at the last minute to help elect Conservative Party Candidate Doug Hoffman. The HSLDA Political Action Committee (PAC) had endorsed Hoffman because neither the Republican nor Democrat candidates would support the Parental Rights Amendment or fight to protect families from more control by the federal government. Hoffman had made it clear that he was a firm believer in the right of parents to educate their children at home and in the Parental Rights Amendment.

This team of Generation Joshua volunteers, led by HSLDA’s Federal Relations Deputy Director Jeremiah Lorrig, met in upstate New York on Saturday night and by Sunday morning was hard at work. Energetic teens and their parents participated in sign waves, literature distribution, phone calls to urge people to get out and vote for Hoffman, and then final pleas to voters at the polls on Election Day.

Unfortunately, Doug Hoffman did not win the special election. However, Generation Joshua students and their parents were proud of their work. During a visit with Hoffman at one of his campaign stops, he applauded their commitment and spirit. These young people saw firsthand that it takes hard work and dedication to run a campaign, and even though their candidate didn’t win, they returned home energized to keep standing up for what they believe.

The Virginia Generation Joshua teams learned similar lessons regarding hard work and dedication, but their efforts were rewarded with victory.

The HSLDA Virginia PAC’s three endorsed candidates, Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and Ken Cuccinelli, Republican candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, won handily. The four teams of Generation Joshua volunteers, based in Leesburg, Roanoke, Manassas, and Chesapeake, led other teams made up of College Republicans in phone calls and door knocks to voters. These young people helped propel the pro-homeschooling, pro-family team to a double-digit victory in Virginia. New Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is himself a homeschooling dad.

While many people are concerned about the direction our country is heading, these young members of Generation Joshua are learning that anyone can get involved in our nation’s political system. They are choosing not just to talk about the issues and their concerns, but to work hard on elections for candidates who will stand up for the values that these young people believe in. These Generation Joshua students are the statesmen of tomorrow.