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Vol. XXV
No. 5

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Tax Credit Bill Stalls

Senate Bill 520, a legislative proposal intended to encourage school choice, failed to gain traction during South Carolina’s 2009 legislative session. Known as the “South Carolina Educational Opportunity Act,” this bill provides for a tax credit of up to $1,000 per child for “instruction related expenditures” for homeschooling families. Fortunately, this bill and others will be carried over to the 2010 legislative session convening in January.

Home School Legal Defense Association supports legislation that enables families to keep more of their money to pay for educational expenses of their children. Supporters of this bill encountered strong opposition from public school interests who desire to maintain the status quo. HSLDA encourages homeschoolers to contact their state senator between legislative sessions and express their support of this family-friendly bill.

— by Dewitt T. Black