The Home School Court Report
Vol. XXV
No. 5

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Prayer & Praise

Praise the Lord for blessing the efforts of homeschooling parents to provide their children with a solid education and for the excellent academic results found by this new study. (See cover story.)

Praise God that legislative sessions in many states have wrapped up for the year, bringing a number of improvements for homeschoolers in state law. Pray that where legislatures are still in session, harmful bills will be defeated and that homeschoolers will be informed and effective grassroots lobbyists. (See Across the States.)

Intercede on behalf of families facing legal challenges and on behalf of the attorneys representing them. Pray for the preservation of homeschool freedoms and successful outcomes for potential precedent-setting homeschool cases. (See Active Cases.)

Thank God for recent positive changes in the United States Armed Forces enlistment policies for homeschooled recruits. (See Freedom Watch.)

Lift up the Benjamin Rush program, asking God to allow participants to positively impact their communities and earn resources for college. (See Liberty’s Call.)

Pray that the Home School Foundation would effectively minister to families in need. Ask the Lord to send resources and comfort to families who are struggling financially or emotionally. (See From the Heart.)

Praise God for the beginning of a new school year and pray for grace for parents as they continue developing their vision and the goals for their homeschool. (See Parent to Parent.)

I waited patiently for the LORD; And He inclined to me, And heard my cry.

—Psalm 40:1