The Home School Court Report
Vol. XXV
No. 5

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by Aubrey Blankenship
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Get to Know the Membership Department

The office phone rings, displaying a California area code. “Hello, you have reached the membership department. How may I help you?” Abigail listens to the voice on the other end as she pulls up the California state homeschool law on her desktop and begins to explain the state requirements to a concerned parent.

Find help from HSLDA membership coordinators.


As a membership coordinator, Abigail is one of the first points of contact for homeschooling families inquiring about membership and the primary contact for HSLDA members with membership-related questions. Membership coordinators assist tens of thousands of homeschooling families each year with issues regarding homeschooling and HSLDA membership. Although they are unable to offer legal advice or apply the law to specific situations, coordinators can explain state homeschool law to callers and transfer members to the legal staff, who are happy to answer questions.

Across the office, another membership coordinator walks a homeschooling parent through the process of submitting an online application. Coordinators are available to provide specific assistance during each step of the membership process. We encourage you, as an HSLDA member, to contact your membership coordinator with any question relating to membership, such as the following:

  • I recently moved across town. Can you please update your records with my address change?
  • The laundry ate one membership card and my toddler used the other as a teething toy. How can I get a new set of cards?
  • I wish to access my online account. How do I create a username and password?
  • My membership expires soon. Can I renew over the phone?
  • I switched from one homeschooling support group to another. Can you update my record with the new group discount information?
  • My husband recently became a pastor. Do we receive a discount?
  • My family is adversely affected by the economy. How do I apply for a membership scholarship?
  • I heard about the benefits of HSLDA’s PerX program. How do I take advantage of this program?

At noon, lunch is just around the corner, but Abigail eyes the unread emails in her inbox and determines to tackle a few more before heading out to warm up her food. Each membership coordinator works to leave the people she contacts feeling better equipped, and with each answered email and returned phone call, she seeks to provide support and encouragement to one more homeschooling family.

As an HSLDA member, please do not hesitate to contact your membership coordinator with your questions. Call 540-338-5600 during office hours or use to send a message directly to your coordinator.

About the author

Aubrey Blankenship is a renewal coordinator assistant in HSLDA’s membership department.