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Dearborn Heights Form not Mandatory

When a Homeschool Legal Defense Association member family recently withdrew their child from a Dearborn Heights public school, they were told that they had to complete a “Home Schooling Notification Form.” The form asked for the parents’ contact information, names and birthdates of the homeschooled children, name of their daily instructor, whether an “organized education program” would be used, and a list of subjects covered.

Recognizing that this form was not required by Michigan state law, the family contacted HSLDA for assistance. Senior Counsel Christopher Klicka wrote a letter to the district's assistant superintendent, informing her that, not only are the parents legally home educating their children, but they are also not required to give any type of notice that they are doing so.

The parents declined to fill out the form and are now able to put their full energy into homeschooling their children without further state interference.

— by Christopher J. Klicka