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No. 1

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Public School Requires “Affirmation of Understanding”

After a Home School Legal Defense Association member family filed their declaration of intent to conduct a home study program with the local public school superintendent this year, they received a letter from a school official advising them that they needed to complete and return an “Affirmation of Understanding” form. This form contained a recitation of Georgia homeschooling law which the parents were to acknowledge by their signatures. It also requested student information on their child not required by state law: Social Security number, date of birth, and grade level. Upon receipt of the form from the school official, the family contacted HSLDA for assistance.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Dewitt Black wrote to the official at Jefferson City Schools and explained that state law governing home study programs does not require parents to submit the “Affirmation of Understanding” form as part of their home study program. As a result, the family received no further requests for completion of the unauthorized form.

HSLDA member families receiving the same or similar requests from public school officials should contact us for assistance.

— by Dewitt T. Black