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We are looking for humorous, warm anecdotes and true stories illustrating that homeschooling is the best educational alternative around.

All material printed in the Court Report will be credited, and the contributor will receive a $10 coupon good toward any HSLDA publication of his choice. Submissions may be edited for space. Please be aware that we cannot return photographs.

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Eliminating the Boredom Factor

When my oldest son was 5 and realized that I would begin homeschooling him soon, he said these priceless words: “Mommy, teach me everything you know, just not the boring stuff, okay?”

—by Barbi B. / Jacksonville, FL

The Proof Ain’t in the Pudding

When we began homeschooling over 20 years ago, the verdict was not in yet as to whether homeschoolers could do well academically. Our 5-year-old daughter’s Sunday School teacher asked where she went to school.

To my chagrin, my daughter answered proudly, with a broad smile, “Oh, I’m teached at home!”

—by Kathleen W. / Salem, VA

New England Speaks New English

Beware—New England accents can affect learning! One day, my daughter’s phonics lesson consisted of a series of pictures with two blanks below each frame. She was to fill in the beginning and ending letter sound. Under the picture of a zipper she wrote Z and … A!

—by Brian & Maria C. / Strafford, NH

An Out-of-this-World Education

Our oldest daughter, age 8, was taking gymnastics lessons at a local university. I was watching the class from the bleachers with our son, age 7, and daughter, age 4. These two children of ours have always been competitive, and today was no exception.

Nicholas said, “I’m smarter than you.”

Audrey answered, “You are not!”

So, he challenged her. “Ok, who was the first man to walk on the moon?”

And she replied, “Neil Armstrong!”

Another mother on the bleachers turned around, amazed that a preschooler knew such information. So I had the chance to explain that we homeschool, and the younger children often gain an education as I teach their older siblings.

—by by Teresa D. / Marshfield, WI

The Greatest Insult Ever

Our 6-year-old son, Jevin, came to me visibly upset. “Mom! Preston said the most horrible thing anyone could ever say to another person!”

Jevin hesitated, gathering the courage to tell me the foul words his brother had said, and revealed the insult: “He said he wished I were public schooled!”

—by Kim S. / Fallbrook, CA

The Unspoken Advantages of Homeschooling

One day, my mother walked by where my sister and her friend were talking. “You should really try homeschooling,” she heard my sister say.

Elated, my mother stopped to hear my sister’s reason. Would it be because of the quality education? The privilege of being with her family?


“Because you can go to the bathroom whenever you want!” my sister finished.

—by Erica L. / Palmetto Bay, FL