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Post-Court Decision Contacts Resolved

In re Rachel L., the California Court of Appeal case that came down at the end of February 2008, created tremendous upheaval in the homeschool community—and not just in California. Home School Legal Defense Association received calls from every state where homeschooling parents had heard about the decision and were concerned that this was going to be a trend around the country.

Immediately following the media coverage of the case, a number of California families received contacts from their school districts to verify where their children were attending school. From what HSLDA could determine, most of these contacts were the result of neighbors or family members hearing through the media that homeschooling was now illegal in California and apparently thinking they were doing the right thing by reporting their homeschooling neighbors to the school district. After initial contact with the families, the school districts decided not to pursue truancy investigations.

By the time you receive this issue of the Court Report, In re Rachel L. will have been reheard in June. We anticipate that it will take the appeals court at least two months after that to review all the briefs and responses, and hopefully it will render its decision prior to the beginning of the next school year. We will keep you updated via email and our website as soon as the court announces its opinion.

We want to assure you that the law has not changed in California. HSLDA still takes the position that homeschools can operate legally under the private school exemption. And, regardless of the outcome of this case, HSLDA will be here to protect your right to homeschool.

— by J. Michael Smith