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No. 4

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by Chuck Hurst
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Periodic Table of Reminders

Periodically, we take the elements of frequently asked questions and their answers and try to combine them into a useful solution for you—our member families. We want you to be fully informed about the mass of services available through HSLDA. So explore the important matter below, and don’t forget to check your email and our website often for the latest news from the nucleus!


It’s a Family-Based Formula

You’ll be glad to know that we do not need you to contact us with additions to or subtractions from your homeschool. Your membership with HSLDA is considered a family membership and does not change when individual children begin homeschooling or graduate.

Try this Catalyst for Exclusive Savings

HSLDA membership has advantages that you may not be aware of—and they might save you some money. On our website’s Member PerX page, you can find all sorts of discounts for vendors around the nation. Even if only a couple of discounts are of interest to you, every dollar saved feels great! Check out these discounts for yourself at www.hslda.org/perx.

Don’t Let Your Membership Reach the Freezing Point!

More and more families are making monthly membership payments with a credit card. We’re happy to offer this option, but your membership can accidentally end if your card expires during your term of membership. Please let us know immediately of any changes to your credit card information so there is no break in our service to you.

Worried about Your Membership’s Half-life?

Some of our families are “in for life.” What does that mean? It’s simple. It means that they expect to be homeschooling for at least 10 more years and feel that a $1,000 lifetime membership with HSLDA is a good investment. No more annual renewals for them! Check out this alternative by going to our online join page and clicking on “Special Offer.” If a lifetime membership is too long for your needs, you could also consider the value of a five-year membership—our newest option!

The Reaction of a Mixed Solution

Many homeschoolers are doing an enviable job…so much so that friends and relatives often take notice. Some may even ask you to include their kids in your “school.” When this happens, our members ask, “Will my membership with HSLDA extend to an extra student?” The short answer is, “Generally, no.”

Much of your right to homeschool hinges on the child-parent relationship. Since you don’t have this same relationship with a neighbor’s or relative’s child, HSLDA’s ability to help you in such a situation is limited. Therefore, before letting your enthusiasm get the better of you, give us a call and ask to speak with the legal assistant for your state.

Don’t Forget to Help Us Celebrate

HSLDA is sponsoring four quarterly contests in 2008 to commemorate 25 years of advancing homeschool freedom. We need your participation!


Topic: “Where is your children’s favorite place to homeschool?”
Instructions: Have your children depict this in a drawing, photo, or 75-second video.
Winners: Three (one per age group) throughout the quarter
Award: $75 gift certificate to Amazon.com


Topic: “Why is your support group the best?”
Instructions: Submit a picture of a group activity with a caption and a description of 100 words or less.
Winners: One
Award: All-expenses-paid pizza party for your support group

Email your contest entry to celebrate25@hslda.org. Please note that by submitting an entry, you grant Home School Legal Defense Association the full right and authority to publish all or part of your submission. To view contest winners or find more information on HSLDA’s 25th anniversary events and how you can participate, visit our 25th anniversary homepage.

About the author

Chuck Hurst is HSLDA’s director of membership and human resources.