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by Will Estrada
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GenJ Launches New Conference Teen Tracks

“I announce to you the president of the United States, Alex Gray!” The entire Blue party leapt to its feet in celebration as this announcement brought an end to iElect, Generation Joshua’s exciting new mock presidential election teen track.

iAdvocate Teen Track

GenJ kicked off its 2008 conference season in April with three hugely successful educational teen tracks designed to teach young people about American government and how they can make a difference.

On April 11-12, GenJ staff launched iAmend at the Christian Home Educators Association of California conference in Santa Clara. The iAmend program teaches the constitutional amendment process and how teens can help launch the parental rights amendment. Students drafted proposed amendments to the U.S. Constitution, convened as an assembly of Congress to pass the amendments by a two-thirds vote, and then lobbied parents and conference attendees to ratify the passed amendments.

On April 18-19, GenJ launched another new program, iAdvocate, at the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators conference in Duluth. Nearly 300 young people learned how Congress works by forming into parties, drafting and cosponsoring legislation, and then going into a massive floor session to debate and vote on their bills. U.S. Senator Norm Coleman spoke to the students about his work in Congress and answered questions.

GenJ staff completed their three-week kick-off conference tour in Worcester, Massachusetts, on April 25-26 by leading iElect at the Massachusetts Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators (MassHOPE) conference. The iElect program is an updated and revised version of GenJ’s mock presidential election teen track. Students drafted their party’s platform, purchased supplies to make campaign signs using “GenJ dollars,” and then went through a primary and general election. They hosted press conferences and presidential debates and “paid” for advertising. They interacted with their parents and conference attendees by asking for campaign donations, registering them to vote, and requesting their support in the general election.

iElect Program
Generation Joshua
GenJ’s iElect in action: At the Mass-Hope conference, Blue party presidential candidates campaign in the primary.

Through exciting lectures by GenJ staff in all of the teen tracks, students were inspired to make a difference in their world and to be godly servant-leaders. Teens and their parents also learned through hands-on lessons how crucial just a few votes can be. Over 700 people voted for the three presidential tickets in the MassHOPE iElect program, yet the winning Blue party candidate, Alex Gray, won by merely six votes.

Fifteen-year-old Emily Price, a participant in the iElect teen track in Massachusetts, said, “I learned that leadership, campaigning, and politics can be fun!” “I learned a lot about what goes on in Congress,” said Megan Maudlir, a 12-year-old who participated in the California iAmend track. “I had a lot of fun, and I’m glad that GenJ came to do the teen convention!”

To become involved in other opportunities with Generation Joshua, especially as the November elections approach, teens and their parents can join GenJ at Find out if we’re coming to a homeschool conference near you by checking the website.

About the author

Will Estrada is director of Generation Joshua.