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by Cherise Ryan
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Gifts of all Kinds

The Home School Foundation is blessed by gifts of all kinds and donors from all walks of life. Whether it’s children entering the HSLDA contests that benefit the Special Needs Children’s Fund, grandparents investing in the next generation, or single parents we have helped in the past wanting to give back, the Lord never ceases to provide, and He does so in amazing ways.


This past year, the Foundation was blessed with the unique gift of a hundred copies of a book to be given out with some of our grants to widows and single parents. Parenting from the Heart, by Marilyn Boyer, includes practical tips and delightful anecdotes from the Boyers’ experience of homeschooling 14 children who have “grown up with a passion to grab the torch and lead future generations on to victory,” as the author told HSLDA.

“The Lord impressed upon me to donate several cases of my most recent book in order to encourage these moms in their tough job, to help give them the vision that the sacrifices they are making today are counting for eternity!” said Marilyn.

Marilyn and her husband, Rick, have been homeschooling since 1980. “We were among those who were taken to court before HSLDA existed, and therefore we encourage others as to the crucial role they play in guarding and defending our freedoms,” she said.

Combined Federal Campaign

If you are a federal employee or a member of the military, make HSF the beneficiary of your donation. HSF’s CFC number is 10535. For more information, visit the CFC website.

At HSLDA’s 2007 National Conference for Homeschool Leaders, Marilyn heard a single mom who had been helped by the Foundation speak at a ladies’ tea. “I was burdened for the tremendous sacrifice these single or widowed moms must make to give their children the very best education possible,” Marilyn recalled. “At that time, I determined to pray about how I could actively make a contribution that might be of service to these moms.”

Not everyone can give financially. Here at the Foundation, we are always thrilled when people find creative methods of giving that fit their situation, ability, and ministry. The Boyers’ gift is blessing many families with insight and encouragement.

To find out more about the Home School Foundation or to make a donation, visit the Foundation website or call 540-338-8688. Learn more about Rick and Marilyn Boyers’ ministry by visiting The Learning Parent online.

Cherise Ryan is administrative assistant to the executive director of HSF.

From the Director

Chuck Hurst

Giving and creativity are great partners!

As a former college art major (for two years), I recall some of my education on perspective: one-point perspective has one vanishing point that leads our eyes to the center, while two-point has two vanishing points that lead our eyes to the horizon. Both perspectives are valid, but one gives a fuller view.

It’s easy to feel frustrated when we see needs that touch our hearts, yet see no way we can meet those needs. Sometimes, all that’s required is a fuller perspective.

Take, for instance, the Boyers. They had a desire to give but didn’t know how. But as they prayed and God gave them another perspective, they saw how a product could be used to meet the need that had touched their hearts.

There is a good lesson here for the next time we see a need and feel powerless to meet it. It may be that God is giving us an opportunity to think creatively—from another perspective. Perhaps God is encouraging us to ask Him for His perspective on how we can meet a need.

With our desire to give and God’s divine vantage point giving us a fuller view, we shouldn’t be surprised when creative ideas come to mind for meeting the needs around us.

—Chuck Hurst, Executive Director