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We are looking for humorous, warm anecdotes and true stories illustrating that homeschooling is the best educational alternative around.

All material printed in the Court Report will be credited, and the contributor will receive a $10 coupon good toward any HSLDA publication of his choice. Submissions may be edited for space. Please be aware that we cannot return photographs.

Mail submissions to:

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Or email us (include “Stories” in the subject line) at: ComDept@hslda.org

Opening a Whole New Universe

While at church a few months ago, my 2-year-old son was sitting across the table from an 11-year-old girl who attends public school. The girl proudly announced that she knew the planets in our solar system—she had learned them in school.

“Can you tell me what they are?” I asked.

The girl replied, “Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter…” But then she got stumped and couldn't remember the rest.

My 2-year-old stood up on his chair, leaned over the table, and said, “Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.”

The girl looked at me and said, “How does he know that?”

I just smiled!

—by Bethany K. / Brownsburg, IN

On the Road to Understanding

I live in an area of Alabama where homeschoolers are not only a minority—they are often misunderstood and looked down upon. People in this area generally think of homeschoolers as “dumb,” unsocial, and, well, irregular, to say the least. But last February, when I took a driver’s ed course at a local college along with a group of public high school students, I was able to humorously affect their opinions of homeschooling. Several of the students were very outspoken in support of public schools over homeschooling.

One day, surprisingly, I managed to gather the full attention of the entire group for about 20 minutes, and by the time I finished explaining my reasons for homeschooling, why I fully support it, and describing all of the advantages, the other girls (all of whom were older than me), suddenly began to express a change in opinion. I watched each one lose her argument in utter realization that all of their former opinions had been based on faulty beliefs. It is one memory I will cherish forever!

I am a homeschool graduate and have full intentions of homeschooling my own children some day. I plan to speak out on behalf of homeschoolers—I am a passionate believer in homeschooling!

—by Britney C., 17 / Fort Payne, AL

Sweet Offering

One afternoon, my husband was trying to explain the concept of tithing to our 1st grader. As the conversation went on, each example he gave was met with a confused look from our son, so my husband tried a different approach. As I was handing out candy for a little treat, my husband decided it might help to use the candy as an example. He began to explain that if we “tithed the candy” I had just handed out, 10% of our candy would go to God and the rest would be ours to eat. My son asked with a very perplexed look, “What on earth does God want with our candy?”

—by Amy F. / Virginia Beach, VA

Repeating History

After taking a holiday break, my history-loving 13-year-old daughter asked if she could start her world history book over because she didn’t remember some of what she had learned.

“Of course,” I said (this is one of many reasons I love homeschooling).

On the first page of chapter one, she read aloud, “ ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’ —George Santayana.” Laughing, my daughter said, “Hey, that’s me. I didn’t remember what I read so I have to repeat it!”

—by Teresa R. / Douglas, WY

Matchless Moments

The last couple of years have been very rough for our children. My husband was deployed to Iraq and was out of the home for 15 months, when our sons were 4 and 7. Adjusting to my husband’s return was also difficult—especially for our youngest son.

Many times, people advised me to put my children in school, and at times I wondered if that would be best. But always, I felt that God had called us to homeschool and that He had not changed His mind. Yet there were so many tears, anguish, and struggles. But God was merciful and faithful. Slowly, as we continued to homeschool, my son’s negative behaviors began to disappear.

Recently I was standing in the checkout line at Wal-Mart with my sons, now 7 and 10. The cashier asked the familiar, “Don’t you boys have school today?”

“Yes, but we’re homeschooled,” my older son answered.

“Yes,” my younger son added. “We’re lucky!”

—by Deborah B. / New Freedom, PA