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by Cherise Ryan
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Ministering to Single Parents

In November 2007, in the parking lot of her local post office, Sally Evens (name changed to protect family’s privacy) was opening her mail. An early Christmas card from the Home School Foundation was part of the stack. When a check fell out of the card she screamed for joy, startling her children. But as soon as they heard the reason, they joined in the excitement.

Ministering to single parents Hazat

“It was so completely unexpected and so totally a message of God’s love and provision for us,” Sally wrote to HSF.

The Foundation strives to reach struggling, single-parent families who are trying to survive and still homeschool their children. Sally and her children are one of many families we have been able to help through the Children of Single Parents Fund.

“[God] not only saved me spiritually, but he saved me once when I was seconds from death. I came very close to dying four years ago, at the hands of my husband, my children’s father,” Sally wrote. “But God didn’t let me die. I got to live and raise my children. It has been hard, yet wonderful all at the same time. And God has been faithful.”

“I don’t think, after all I’ve been through in my life with God, that I will ever doubt that there is a God. I know there is a God. Sometimes though, I get so used to doing everything on my own, I forget that He is my God and that he wants to bless me,” she continued.

All over the country, women and children find themselves abused and abandoned by the one who is supposed to protect and provide for them.

“For the past two years specifically, we have struggled financially,” wrote another single mother we were able to help. “At times I have thought that God has forgotten us. I know He hasn't but sometimes it is so hard to pick myself up and keep on moving. Your grant was just one more reminder of how God cares for us. He hasn’t forgotten and I thank you for reminding us.”

Combined Federal Campaign

If you are a federal employee or a member of the military, make HSF the beneficiary of your donation. HSF’s CFC number is 10535. For more information, visit the CFC website.

A third parent wrote, “I thank God for foundations like this one because without it I just simply do not know what we would do. This grant could not have come at a better time! My son knows that I was praying to God for help with our finances, and then we got this grant! So thank you for being a vehicle to deepen my son’s understanding that his Heavenly Father is taking care of him and his mother.”

The Home School Foundation regularly receives calls and letters telling the stories of hurting families and of how God has proved Himself faithful once again. It is truly a privilege to be one of the methods He uses to bring comfort and encouragement to His children.

If you would like more information about the Children of Single Parents Fund, or any of our other funds, please visit the Home School Foundation website or call us at 540-338-8688.

Cherise Ryan is administrative assistant to the executive director of HSF.

From the Director

Chuck Hurst

Life can change so quickly! One day we’re strolling along through our daily routines and the next we’re feeling like our very way of life is being threatened.

With the threat of House Resolution 6 in 1994, the specter of federal regulations constricting homeschool freedoms pushed families to respond en masse and, by God’s grace, onerous restrictions were averted. In early 2008, homeschooling liberties in California were threatened by a misguided court decision. Thousands of families rose up to let their voices be heard and the California Court of Appeal has agreed to rehear the case in question. While their original ruling has now been vacated, this battle is far from over.

Imagine what it would be like, however, if you were the only family whose homeschool was being threatened. Now imagine that the threat you’re facing is not legislative or legal, but a trying personal circumstance such as the death of your spouse, a separation, a heartbreaking diagnosis, or the loss of your family’s income.

The emotions you just imagined feeling are all too real to many of our fellow homeschoolers who are quietly responding every day to their own family crises and uncertain future.

Just as homeschoolers across the country recently rallied when Californians’ homeschooling freedoms were threatened, please join with us in helping individual families face the crises that threaten what they, too, hold dear.

—Chuck Hurst, Executive Director