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by Chuck Hurst
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There is great value in parents understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their children as students. Sometimes parents struggle with figuring out how their children learn best, and what materials will then work best with the parent’s teaching styles and children’s learning styles. Yet, formal individual diagnostic testing and evaluation can be expensive and time consuming.

If you’ve found yourself struggling in this area, you can relax. Help is on the way—for free if you’re a member of Home School Legal Defense Association!

GPA SmartStore, an online curriculum store, has spent several years developing a home education management tool called PassPORT. One of the tool’s features is PassPORT “Profiles,” which matches your student's learning style to the most appropriate educational resources.

Development of PassPORT Profiles’ diagnostic process has been directed by Cathy Duffy, who has worked with teaching styles, learning styles, and homeschool curriculum choices for more than 25 years. PassPORT Profiles automates and expands the curriculum selection process that she introduces in her latest book, 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum.

PassPORT Profiles is part of a larger set of tools that will include “Outreach,” an online community where homeschoolers are able to interactively connect; “Reporting,” which enables teachers to document their student’s progress; and “Tracking,” a performance and scoring module for monitoring test results.

Through a unique relationship between HSLDA and GPA SmartStore, members of HSLDA will have access to PassPORT Profiles and other tools, allowing them to target the curriculum choices that best fit their children and to find those resources at a discount.

Value is important to homeschoolers, so we are continually looking for ways to make your HSLDA membership more valuable. We are excited to offer this tool and hope that you will find it to be of great benefit. Visit GPA SmartStore.

Thank you for making the decision to invest your hard-earned dollars in HSLDA membership- your support allows us to help meet your current needs and at the same time invest in the future of homeschooling.

About the author

Chuck Hurst is HSLDA’s director of membership and human resources.