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by Cherise Ryan
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Trim Your Pens and Polish Your Lenses

Home School Legal Defense Association’s 2007 Essay Contest saw a record number of entries. We were thrilled with the level of talent and creativity displayed, as well as with the amount of participation.

First place in Category I went to Dan Olsson, in Category II to Hannah Ketring, and in Category III to Lauren Mattina. You can read the top five essays in each category and see the names of the finalists on our Homeschool Contests web page. The 2008 Art Contest deadline is past, but keep your eyes open for announcements of the 2009 contest, or go to our website to begin working on this year’s poetry or photo entry right away.

The 2008 Poetry Contest will be open for submissions May 1-June 1. Homeschooled students must submit a poem in blank verse, using the specified number of lines and one of the following pieces of American artwork as the theme:

  • Category 1 (ages 7-11)
    Blank verse, 15-20 lines
    The Stampede by Lightning by Frederic Remington, 1908.

  • Category 2 (ages 12-15)
    Blank verse, 20-25 lines
    View from Mt. Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm—The Oxbow by Thomas Cole, 1836.

  • Category 3 (ages 16-19)
    Blank verse, 25-30 lines
    Approaching a City by Edward Hopper, 1946.

View the artwork and read an explanation of blank verse at our 2008 Poetry Contest web page. The 2008 Photo Contest will be open for submissions July 1-August 1. Homeschooled students must submit a photograph with one of the following fruits of the Spirit as the theme:

  • Category 1 (ages 7-11): Gentleness
  • Category 2 (ages 12-15): Faithfulness
  • Category 3 (ages 16-19): Self-control

Please go to our contest web page for important details. And check our “Hear It from the Judges” section to read tips from past judges on what makes an outstanding entry. We look forward to many creative responses!