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Time to Regroup

The turn of the year means a new season of homeschooling—and a new legislative session. Now is the time to regroup and renew our efforts to monitor the California Legislature as it reconvenes for the second half of a two-year session. Keeping tabs on thousands of bills each year is a massive undertaking. We encourage California homeschoolers to support Child and Family Protection Association as they work diligently to analyze every piece of legislation for potential threats to homeschooling.

While new legislation in the Golden State can be introduced between January 7 and February 22, 2008, previously introduced bills surviving from last year also require constant monitoring in case amendments are proposed.

In last year’s session, A.B. 755, an anti-corporal punishment bill authored by Assembly Member Sally Lieber, failed to move through committee. However, supporters will want to revive efforts to get this two-year bill passed. This dangerous anti-family legislation would make it a criminal offense for a parent to use an implement to spank a child. While Home School Legal Defense Association believes that child abuse is a crime that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, reasonable corporal discipline administered by loving parents should not be controlled by the government. For a more detailed analysis of A.B. 755, visit www.childandfamilyprotection.org.

Homeschoolers need to band together to help defeat dangerous legislation like A.B. 755. Be sure to sign up for HSLDA’s free e-lert service (www.hslda.org/elert) in order to receive email updates and calls to action regarding pending legislation.

— by J. Michael Smith