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Growing Through the Process

Your workshops at the Massachusetts Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators convention really encouraged my heart. I have been feeling very frustrated and inadequate lately in homeschooling (one daughter currently in 8th grade). Through your workshops, God has made me realize that although I am quick to blame my daughter for our problems, I am the one that needs to do most of the changing! Thank you for all your hard work!

—from Julie G. / Southington, CT

Send Your Story

You can let others know how HSLDA membership has benefited your family or how you’ve worked together with HSLDA to preserve homeschool freedom by emailing Submissions may be edited.

Encouragement to Continue

I think we will keep our children home for high school. An article we read just today in the latest Court Report helped a lot. A big thanks to you at Home School Legal Defense Association. You have done so much to make homeschooling possible and we're grateful. I think God is doing great things in our country through homeschooling, and you are leading the charge!

All the best!

—from Chris and Marybeth R. / Burke, VA

Making a Difference

I am sending an overdue thank you for support and encouragement I received last year around Christmastime.

I was in the process of locating boarding schools (preferably in Alaska) for my high school son. This was not a joke at the time. He struggles with ADD/LD and he is legally defined as gifted as well. We were both at the end of our rope after a lifelong career of homeschooling. I was so distraught at the time, I’m not sure now who I talked to at HSLDA but she was used by God in a mighty way. After a very long heartfelt conversation, it opened my heart to really hear God’s voice and He began to adjust my attitude. He spoke to my heart and basically said, “Yes, I’ve called you, and don’t ask Me again.”

Yesterday, my son chuckled, “Mom, did you really think about sending me to boarding school? It might have helped!” Despite the words, I could hear his unspoken appreciation and I realized how far we had really come. He is about to graduate this year, is now willing to face and work on his disabilities, is making his own attempts to temper his impulsiveness, and just has had a banner year in our homeschool group making friends and succeeding in sports and music. He is struggling, but being very successful in two dual-credit college courses.

Your ministry made the difference in a homeschool mom dropping out and possibly missing out on the blessings of coming through the fire.

From our entire family, blessings on you and your ministry.

—from the C. Family / Liberty, SC