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by MaryAnn Gaver
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Battling the Bumps
Columnist Host
MaryAnn Gaver

“The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.”

—Psalm 145:18

Growing up, my family spent many Saturdays flying with my dad, a seasoned pilot. I enjoyed those generally calm flights gliding over Maryland’s beautiful farms and hills. Sometimes, however, there would be turbulence to one degree or another.

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And so it is with homeschooling; we encounter some rough days every now and then. It might be a series of schedule-disrupting appointments, a difficult relationship, or parenting pressures.

So, what do we do when the storms come? Trials can tend to discourage us and rob us of our joy. But perhaps stepping back and seeing things from a different perspective might help. For instance, look at the big picture of homeschooling: it is such a blessing to be able to interact with our children throughout the day, and to have the freedom to be able to teach at home. Don’t let trials turn into discouragement. Call on the Lord and go to His word for wisdom. Let trials be an opportunity to seek the Lord, to grow, and to be aware of how truly blessed we are.

Think of all that you are thankful for and look at the blessings all around you. God will be faithful to see us through the rough days.

MaryAnn Gaver and her husband, Jay, have been homeschooling their twin sons for over six years.

Riding out the Rough Days

One way to “battle the bumps” is to prepare for the bump before you get to it!

I learned early on that spring was one of our most difficult times to homeschool because the weather is so nice and school is almost over. When my kids were younger, I would prepare a special bag to be snatched up at a moment’s notice to have school outside at a park. In the bag would be a book of poetry, watercolor paints and supplies, sidewalk chalk to do math at the playground, educational games, flower/tree/bird identifier books, etc. Then, when I could tell that school was going to be a big struggle (for me or the kids), I could just grab the bag, pack a quick lunch or snack, and head out to the park.

We could then spend a good portion of our day outside—which would always make my family happy. The day was still full of educational activities so we could “count” it as school, but we could also enjoy the spring weather which was tempting us to skip school entirely!

By planning ahead, a big bump could be avoided and turned into a blessing instead!

—by Amy S. / Aurora, CO