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by Will Estrada and Douglas Price
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Student Action Teams help Propel Jindal to Louisiana Victory

Generation Joshua Student Action Teams were an integral part of gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal’s victory in Louisiana in October 2007. In the days leading up to Louisiana’s election, close to 100 homeschooled students and their parents worked in three locations (New Orleans/Metairie, Shreveport, and Lake Charles) on behalf of Bobby Jindal for Governor. Altogether, the teams made over 250,000 voter contacts, knocking on over 100,000 doors and making thousands of phone calls. On election night, October 20, Bobby Jindal netted nearly 54% of the vote.

Courtesy of Josiah Dalton
This Generation Joshua Student Action Team campaigned in Shreveport, Louisiana, for Governor Bobby Jindal.

Endorsed by the Home School Legal Defense Association Political Action Committee in 2004 when he was elected to the U.S. Congress, Jindal was a staunch supporter of homeschooling and parental rights during his time as a congressman, and he is committed to honesty and integrity in government.

“Generation Joshua’s Student Action Teams are a powerful, effective way for campaigns to get out the vote on Election Day and they have been a tremendous asset to the Jindal campaign!” said Harrison Lloyd, Jindal Campaign Get Out the Vote Coordinator. “I was blown away by the students’ devotion to their work and the excellence with which the leadership presented themselves.”

Each year, Generation Joshua organizes opportunities for teens and families to get involved in meaningful political activism through the Student Action Teams. In 2008, we will be getting involved in crucial races across the country. We encourage each one of you to join Generation Joshua and participate in these exciting opportunities.

For more information, visit the Generation Joshua homepage.

About the authors

Will Estrada is director of Generation Joshua. Douglas Price is deputy director and Student Action Team director.

Campaigning: A Teen’s Perspective

by Libby Goins

A few weeks ago, I left the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in a caravan of three minivans full of enthusiastic teens ready to face the trials and triumphs of a political campaign. I already knew one person in the van, Josiah, whom I had met last year on the Generation Joshua Student Action Team (SAT) in Wisconsin. It was great to also get to know Morgan, Josh, Mrs. Williams, and Josh N. during the drive to Shreveport, Louisiana. Josiah and I told everyone about last year’s SAT to help them get an idea of what the week entailed for us.

Three hours later we were at our hotel where Jordan Spencer, our wonderful team leader and a Patrick Henry College student, also pulled in with his load of energetic teens. After a short orientation, we went our separate ways to our rooms.

Bright and early Monday morning we gathered in the breakfast room eating, talking, and laughing. Then we went into our conference room where we listened to Jordan’s devotional thoughts and then to Mrs. Stephanie, the campaign coordinator for the Shreveport area. She spoke with us about what we would be doing throughout the week. By 9 a.m., five or six people were assigned to each van and then we were off door knocking.

One of my favorite parts of SAT work is when we have competition between vans to see how many precincts each van can door knock by the time we come back to the hotel around 6:30 p.m. Once back at the hotel, we would give Jordan our precinct lists, and he would tally to see what team got the most.

After dinner came my favorite campaign activity—phone banking! We called every night from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Phone banking is a lot of fun, because we are all in a big room calling people, and when someone gets a rude person, we can share the “grief” with our fellow callers who, in turn, cheerfully listen and encourage us to keep calling.

We bonded together and worked hard. Friends of mine from GenJ camp and previous SATs who worked in the other Louisiana locations told me that they all had a fantastic time on the campaign, too. With the help of many people dedicated to their state, wonderful Patrick Henry College students, awesome moms, incredible Generation Joshua staff members, and inspired GenJ teens, Bobby Jindal—a talented man who will do good for Louisiana—was elected governor!

Libby Goins is a Generation Joshua member from the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.