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by Cherise Ryan
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Spreading Hope in Spain

“When the Lord lays a plan, it’s best to follow His direction. The way ahead may not be clear, but the blessings will be rich and varied,” writes Sandra Lovelace in a report on her recent homeschool outreach trip to Madrid, Spain.

Courtesy of Sandra Lovelace
Outreach Abroad: Sandra Lovelace and Katherine Loop encouraged homeschooling families in Spain.

Lovelace is an international homeschooling consultant. Through the Home School Foundation (HSF) International Fund, HSF was delighted to help finance her outreach to Spanish families. Though she knew very little about the conference in Spain where she and her assistant, Katherine Loop, would be ministering to homeschoolers, or even about where she would stay or what her schedule was, Lovelace boldly stepped through the door she knew the Lord had opened for her.

The families who gathered at the conference were encouraged and gave encouragement in return.

How to help

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“Through the most amazing set of circumstances, the Lord brought precious and courageous brothers and sisters to us to receive His loving touch,” Lovelace said. Although the stories are too numerous to recount, she touched on a few highlights. “One family described homeschooling as another stage in the wondrous reconciliation of their entire family. A mother who heard about the conference only the day before had been struggling to meet the needs of her child who didn’t fit the government school mold. Another family came wanting to learn how to avoid government interference with their homeschool.”

During the last few days of her trip, Lovelace met with César Vidal, a famous Spanish author and a Christian, who surprised her with an invitation to appear on his radio program.

Having participated in taped radio programs before, Lovelace was not in the least hesitant about the program, but “God in His mercy did not reveal the true adventure ahead,” she said. When she arrived at the studio, she was told that the broadcast would be live.

The hour-long program was entirely dedicated to homeschooling and related issues. “Families all over Spain got to hear the message that homeschooling is a viable, vibrant, and God-honoring educational option,” Lovelace said.

This amazing opportunity would have been impossible without the faithfulness of you and others like you who continue to give of their time, finances, and prayer to help fellow homeschoolers all over our country and the world. On behalf of all the families in Spain who were blessed by Lovelace's mission, we thank you for your ongoing support!

“The door was open, the way was never clear, but the direction was set,” Lovelace concluded. “It would be unfair to say that every day went smoothly. . . . [But] God showed Himself in miraculous ways and this report is merely the beginning of the account of His blessings. Please join Katherine and me in asking the Lord to build a firm foundation for the amazing future He has planned for Spain.”

Cherise Ryan is administrative assistant to the executive director of HSF.

From the Director

Chuck Hurst

The Foundation is excited about all that God is doing to encourage the hearts of parents around the globe that they can direct the education of their children. Educational systems in many countries have totally banished God and morality from their instruction. Yet, as here in America, many parents yearn for the opportunity to protect the hearts and minds of their young students. Through the efforts of people such as Sandra Lovelace and Katherine Loop, in partnership with HSLDA and generous homeschoolers like you, the Foundation is sowing abroad seeds of courage and hope that homeschooling may one day be an accepted option for these brave families.

For more information on what HSF and HSLDA are doing internationally, visit the Foundation’s International Fund webpage and HSLDA’s homeschooling international homepage.

—Chuck Hurst, Executive Director