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Legislative Wrap-up

Over the opposition of many homeschooling families, the legislature passed two bills that will have far-reaching consequences.

Effective July 1, 2009, compulsory attendance laws will apply to all students until they reach their 18th birthday. Homeschooling families will be burdened by bureaucratic red tape for two more years-with the constant threat of state intervention-because of this legislature's belief that parents should not have the freedom to determine what is best for their 16- and 17-year-olds.

The legislature also made it much easier for public schools to get extra money by enrolling homeschooled students part-time. With the creation of this financial incentive, we can expect public schools-even schools outside a student’s district of residence-to ramp up efforts to recruit homeschoolers.

Home School Legal Defense Association does not provide membership benefits with respect to any child enrolled more than 50% in any public school program, including an online program.

Federal courts have ruled that parents have no voice in what is taught to their children in public school programs. Parents expose their children to unknown influences by putting them in any government school program.

Homeschoolers have a powerful message full of hope: parents are the best teachers and freedom is worth protecting. We will bring this message with us to the polls at the next state election.

Thank you for making calls this session, and for the myriad of other efforts you made to protect homeschool freedom.

— by Scott A. Woodruff