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Proving the Critics Wrong

When my husband and I began homeschooling, we only hoped for a better education and more opportunities for our daughters. We never imagined the success they have achieved nor the recognition they have received, especially when, as incoming college freshmen, they faced discrimination from the admissions department and HSLDA had to step in and represent them. The college later awarded both daughters its Academic Dean’s Scholarship for the two years that they attended, and announced to a local paper, the Plymouth Pilot News, that they had each received a $30,000 academic scholarship to transfer to Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame, Indiana. Funny how things turn out.

Courtesy of the Family
Homeschool graduates Bethany (19) and Sara (21) O’Connor overcame admissions discrimination with HSLDA’s help and went on to win high academic honors.

The Pilot did a nice story, noting the girls’ home education. Since that article was published, we were informed that a larger newspaper, the South Bend Tribune, was also going to run a story. After the Tribune prints the story, I plan on sending both newspaper articles to our state legislators regarding the policy of state grants and how homeschoolers are being denied funds and recognition of their diplomas.

When my daughters first faced discrimination from the college, I gave them some advice: “Do your total best and prove the school wrong!” Maybe my daughters have changed a few hearts and minds along the way, and in the process, helped give homeschooling a better name. They couldn’t have done this without the support of HSLDA. Thank you for that.

from Andrea O’Connor / Walkerton, IN

Now Look Who’s Celebrating

Last month my husband and I attended the Ohio State University Honors Assembly with our daughter who is a sophomore. She received several outstanding student departmental and writing awards, and when she went up to receive her fifth award of the night, the academic dean humorously quipped that she should “know the way because she’d been up so many times before!”

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It was then that I whispered to my husband that it was ironic they were celebrating her academic prowess when just two years earlier we needed the help of a lawyer just to get her admitted! It's true! She was stubbornly denied admission by a university officer who refused to acknowledge the high school graduation diploma awarded by us for her home education studies. We immediately called HSLDA, who then phoned university officials to discuss the policy. As a result of that discussion, two days later we received a very welcoming letter from the dean of admissions, apologizing for the “oversight” and inviting us to enroll our child as soon as possible.

Thanks, HSLDA. We know in our hearts that our daughter, her siblings, and thousands of homeschooled citizens like them will be making a positive, outstanding contribution to our culture because of your strong support and leadership.

from Greg and Laura S. / Cridersville, OH