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Freedom Protected in the Legislature

Homeschoolers in Wyoming have effective advocates in Cheyenne. In early 2007, Homeschoolers of Wyoming Legislative Liaison Sheryl Schmidt, working with Wyoming Family Coalition Legislative Liaison Becky Vandeberghe, achieved superb results on several issues important to Wyoming homeschoolers.

Most notable is the stunning victoryover House Bill 129’s proposed increase in the compulsory attendance age. H.B. 129 was defeated in committee (for the second time) by a margin of 8-1. Your involvement by calling and writing your legislators complemented Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. Vandeberghe’s efforts to achieve this important victory, keeping ourchildren and families free from excessive governmental control.

The Wyoming legislature has also substantially reined in the Quality Child Care initiative. As of this writing, the House and Senate have voted to remove the quality rating, subsidy, and other sections of the law that were most problematic. Today the law is essentially a child care assistance program for lower-income families rather than the first step toward universal preschool that it once was. We applaud the efforts of Wyoming homeschoolers and other families who worked hard to influence their legislators to make decisions in the best interest of Wyoming families!

— by Michael P. Donnelly