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Burnet Tells Family to Fill out Unnecessary Form

The Burnet School District recently learned of a Home School Legal Defense Association member family who had not officially enrolled their children in public or private school. The district contacted the family and told them they were required to declare that their children were being homeschooled, and that they could do so only by filling out a “Home School Declaration Form” provided by the district.*

The family told HSLDA about this requirement. HSLDA responded with a letter to the school district, informing them that families who teach their children at home in Texas are legally considered to be operating private schools, and that no forms or notification are required to operate such schools.

HSLDA also told the school district that it is illegal to require families operating private schools in their homes to fill out district forms.

If you live in the Burnet School District area and are told that you must fill out any forms in order to homeschool, please contact our office immediately.

— by Christopher J. Klicka

* See “A plethora of forms.”