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State Notes

During the last days of the 2006 legislative session, homeschoolers were protected from problematic provisions in the proposed Ohio Core Curriculum Act. This act, when introduced, made it difficult for Ohio homeschoolers to register with the main campuses of the state university system. With the help of Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO), CHEO Legislative Liaison Melanie Elsey, Home School Legal Defense Association, and state legislators like Representative Diana Fessler, the legislation was amended to provide an exemption for homeschooled students from having to complete the Ohio Core curriculum as a condition of attending the main Ohio state universities.

On another front, HSLDA is working with several families who have begun initial formal hearings with the Ohio Department of Education (DOE) because their non-chartered, non-tax-supported schools ("08 schools") have purportedly violated the department’s administrative rules. These "violations" include not providing the physical address of the school and not providing a telephone number.

The DOE maintains that 08 schools must provide this information in order to comply with Ohio’s 08 regulation. HSLDA takes the position that schools complying with Ohio Administrative Code 3301-35-08(A)-(H) are valid and legal regardless of whether they are listed on the DOE’s “08 list” or have provided a physical address or telephone number.

HSLDA recommends that members who form schools under the 08 school administrative provision strictly follow the Administrative Code and use the form available on HSLDA’s website to comply with regulatory reporting.* As HSLDA helps these families navigate the hearing process, we will continue to zealously protect the options that Ohio families currently enjoy to educate their children according to the dictates of their conscience.

This June, HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly will be attending CHEO’s state homeschool conference in Columbus and delivering several workshop presentations, including “A Knock on the Door—What to Do When the Social Worker Drops By.” We hope that you will take a moment to stop by the workshop or the HSLDA booth to say hello!

— by Michael P. Donnelly

* See “A plethora of forms”