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Superintendent Requires Meeting

Shortly after they began homeschooling, Stephen and Jeanette George (names changed to protect family’s privacy) received a phone call from the Rock Island School District regional superintendent, who informed them that he needed to meet with them to see their curriculum, their son’s assignments, and any tests the boy had taken. The superintendent indicated that the meeting was necessary to verify that the Georges were giving their son a quality education.

Mr. and Mrs. George’s homeschool program fulfills all the requirements of Illinois law. Thus, it is a legal private school program. As the administrators of their private school, the parents are qualified to verify their student’s educational status. Nowhere does the law state that the superintendent has the right to demand a meeting with a private school’s administrators or to see the school’s curriculum, assignments, or tests.

When Home School Legal Defense Association was informed of the superintendent’s demands, HSLDA Senior Counsel Christopher Klicka immediately sent him a letter on behalf of our member family, explaining that Illinois law did not give the superintendent any legal right to take responsibility for a homeschool family.

The Georges have not been bothered by the school district since this letter was sent.

District Demands Homeschool “Registration”

In the Charleston Community Unit School District #1, letters signed by the regional superintendent were sent to all known homeschooling families, demanding that they “register” with the district. HSLDA has written to the school district, explaining that this is an illegal requirement. In Illinois, homeschoolers enjoy the status of private schools and are not required to register.

We will keep you informed of any updates to this situation.

— by Christopher J. Klicka