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By Cherise Ryan
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College Scholarships Help Students

Education does not stop at high school graduation. It is a lifelong journey with many challenges and adventures along the way. While the mission of Home School Legal Defense Association and the Home School Foundation is focused on the homeschool community, we understand that the training of tomorrow’s leaders continues beyond the day that they finish homeschooling and receive their high school diplomas.

In support of this conviction, HSF began the Patrick Henry College (PHC) Scholarship Fund for HSLDA Members a few years ago to help homeschooled students attend PHC-an institution HSF and HSLDA helped to birth.

“A HUGE BLESSING”: PHC freshman literature major Katherine Kramer recceived a college scholarship from HSF.

In fall 2006, 15 incoming freshmen were awarded scholarships based on financial need, academic merit, and participation in community service.

Tim Raveling, a literature major, was one of those students.

“I came to PHC because it seemed to offer the best education for my needs—an education [geared] toward literature but with more practical information on politics, government, and history included,” says Raveling. The oldest of four, he is paying most of his college expenses himself.

“This scholarship has certainly made a difference for me, as it will make my goal of completing school without debt much easier,” he adds. “I am very thankful to HSLDA for helping me pay for a great education.”

Luke Krmpotich, another scholarship recipient, says he thinks the scholarship “helps students realize that national homeschool organizations aren’t just a name—they really exist to help homeschoolers in their pursuit of the education God has called them to.” For Krmpotich, it was PHC’s Christian-based liberal arts education and the opportunity to refine his Christian worldview, more than a specific major, that drew him to the college.

PHC’s financial aid administrator, Mark Richard, points out that scholarships of any size are a huge help to PHC students.

“It is critical to bring in outside funding,” he says. “Because PHC doesn’t take federal funding, many options are just not available to our students. It is critically important to have scholarships like this that don’t have barriers.”

“The majority of homeschooling families are one-income families and they don’t have the means to save significantly for college as much as they would like to,” he explains. “College is a huge investment and a difficult reach. But it will pay off. No one should think that college is impossible—you have to research all the opportunities that are out there.”

Kirk Sosebee, a public policy major, is the oldest of 10 children. He says the HSF scholarship helped make it possible for him to attend PHC. “Our family heard about the college through HSLDA and it sounded like a really good school,” he says. “Then I heard more about PHC through my involvement with TeenPact and I also attended PHC’s debate camp two summers ago. I enjoyed that experience a lot, and I really felt God calling me to come here [to PHC]. He brought me here, and I absolutely love it.”

Katherine Kramer, a literature major who received a scholarship, said she believes “God was directing me here to a quality Christian school with a firm scriptural basis—in my mind the ultimate starting place for my adult life.”

“I needed finances to be able to attend, and HSF augmented the generosity of my parents,” she adds. “This scholarship is a huge blessing to my family and me!”

As the fall 2007 semester approaches, HSF is preparing to help a new group of PHC students further their education and continue their journey of following God’s call on their lives.

Cherise Ryan is administrative assistant to the executive director of HSF.

From the Director

Chuck Hurst

Making much out of little is something God specializes in doing. Five loaves and two fish can become a banquet for thousands. And a grant provided by the Foundation can become courage for a widow, single mom, or college student to attempt the “impossible!” In a letter thanking us for a grant, one single mom wrote,

The acknowledgement and support you have given me is so encouraging. I believe that this is from God, and it is His way of showing that He cares.

Tia, California

In the early years of my own family’s story, I remember teaching all day and then working an additional job until midnight for several years to help make ends meet. Then things really got tough. God led me to quit teaching and go back to school.

With two preschoolers and no job, God showed my wife and me how much He could make from the little we had to offer. Looking back to those times, we wouldn’t trade them, for we were able to view firsthand how God takes what we offer and makes much. And through those experiences, God was getting me ready to help with the Foundation’s work of ministering to others in times of “little.”

Whether you’re in a time of little or much, please be encouraged to know that God can always multiply what you place in His hands. Thanks to so many of you who let us be a part of God’s process of “multiplying” to other homeschoolers like Tia. As was true of the disciples, our role is simply to pass out the provisions that are supplied after God blesses them—and to marvel!

—Chuck Hurst, Executive Director