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Exemption for Homeschoolers Wins

As the result of work done by Christian Home Educators of Ohio Legislative Liaison Melanie Elsey and supported by Home School Legal Defense Association Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly, an exemption has been written into the new Ohio Core Curriculum Act (House Bill 565 and Senate Bill 311). This exemption will protect homeschoolers’ ability to take courses at Ohio state universities without having to satisfy other requirements of the Core Curriculum Act. The bills passed, and were signed into law in January 2007.

The Core Curriculum Act does contain other provisions that could create problems for homeschoolers. For instance, one provision requires the legislature to make recommendations for additional changes to state law that would mandate, among other things, follow-up educational assessments for all high school students. HSLDA will continue to monitor the effects of this legislation to protect the interests of Ohio homeschoolers.

Diplomas for day care

Regulations regarding the qualifications for Ohio homeschoolers to work in day care settings were clarified recently as a result of conversations between HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly and others with policymakers at the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Effective January 1, 2007, Ohio Administrative Code 5101:2-12-25 has been amended to specifically address how homeschoolers can meet the day care regulation requirement of completing a high school education.

The regulation now provides that a letter from the local school board is sufficient evidence of high school completion for homeschoolers. HSLDA takes the position that any letter received from the local school district excusing a child from compulsory attendance should be sufficient to meet this regulatory requirement. HSLDA will draft a cover letter for members to send to the school district along with their excuse letters when they request the school board endorsement. Members wishing to receive HSLDA’s cover letter should contact our legal department by phone or email.

— by Michael P. Donnelly