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By Whitney Archer
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Helping Families Face the Challenge

Homeschooling is hard work, and it requires even more creativity and resourcefulness when a student struggles with special needs. Once parents have decided what kind of special help their children need, they then face the challenge of paying for it.

Gary and Caroline Smith (names changed to protect family’s privacy) faced just such a challenge when their 4-year-old son, Daniel, began to display some developmental problems. He struggled to find the right words to express himself, substituting phrases such as “Help me find the toy” for “Help me find the dog.” He also showed sensitivity to light and certain sounds.


Concerned, the Smiths took Daniel to a local development clinic for assessment. He was diagnosed with autism and recommended for weekly therapy sessions. These sessions were helpful, but expensive. The Smiths sought special needs services from their local public school, but the school would not help unless Daniel was enrolled in the school as a full-time student.

Checking with their insurance company, the Smiths learned that it would not cover the services Daniel needed. Although the company later provided some help, the bills for Daniel’s services continued to mount.

That’s when the Home School Foundation (HSF) stepped in with its Special Needs Children’s Fund. Designed to help bear the financial burden of meeting a child’s special learning needs, the Special Needs Children’s Fund helps Home School Legal Defense Association members with therapy, equipment, testing, and specialized materials.

HSF gave the Smiths a grant to help with Daniel’s therapy. This family’s gracious response shows God’s mercy in their lives:

Thank you so much and God bless you! Since we wanted to homeschool Daniel, like we have our other five children, we knew that God would provide for him and for us, if this was His will. It truly is; He is providing well through you! Thanks so much again. Continue your good work!

Through our donors, HSF is privileged to continue God's “good work.” Thank you for your continued support of dedicated homeschooling families like the Smiths.

From the Director

Chuck Hurst

Why do families homeschool in the face of unthinkable obstacles? When I read the stories of what some families are facing, it’s hard for me to imagine how they go on. Yet they do—facing criticism, humiliation, heartbreak, uneasiness over finances, and an uncertain future. So why do they do it? One struggling single mom puts it succinctly: “Eternity is everything.”

Isn’t that powerful? No exclamation mark. No complaining. Just a simple statement powerfully put. Her heart and mind fixed on what she cannot see, this mom looks beyond the mountains that could obscure her view. She adds, “I didn’t want [my children’s] God-given potential to be lost in the spiritual and academic chaos of our local public schools.”

Through your gracious gifts, the Home School Foundation helps moms like this keep eternity in view by letting them know that God does indeed hear their cries for help. Thank you for being part of His answer!

—Chuck Hurst, Executive Director

For more details on how you can help, please call HSF at 540-338-8899, visit www.homeschoolfoundation.org, or email info@homeschoolfoundation.org.