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Enforcing New Law Takes Time

Most people expected the fight for homeschool freedom in Utah to be over when the Homeschool Freedom Bill was signed into law in 2005. After all, the bill unanimously passed both houses of the state legislature. The new law eliminates many of the previous requirements that homeschoolers were forced to comply with, including the requirement that each homeschool be “approved” by the school district. Unfortunately, as Home School Legal Defense Association has discovered over and over again, enacting a new law doesn't mean school officials will follow it. It takes courage and perseverance to change official actions.

A year and a half after the Homeschool Freedom Act was passed, school officials in Tooele County still have not updated their homeschool paperwork. Although they keep revising their forms, there is no evidence that they have ever looked at the homeschool law as part of that revision process. Fortunately, HSLDA members in Tooele County continue to preserve their statutory and constitutional freedoms despite the district's confusion. We encourage homeschoolers throughout Utah to stay alert in the face of opposition and misunderstanding by officials.

— by Scott W. Somerville