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Immunization Tracking Bill Dies in House

Legislation which would have established a state immunization registry for South Carolina children failed to pass the state House of Representatives in 2006. Senate Bill 1046 had passed the Senate in April and appeared to be on its way to quick passage, but opposition arose in the House over the effect of the bill.

Home School Legal Defense Association opposed this legislation, which would have been used to track vaccinations received by children. HSLDA considers such recordkeeping of personal medical information by the state to be an unnecessary invasion of privacy. Private medical providers already do an excellent job of maintaining records on patients receiving immunizations. Had this bill passed, it is likely that the state would have begun to contact families about what shots to get and when.

Even though this bill failed to receive approval by the end of the last legislative session, there is a possibility that the same or similar legislation will be introduced in 2007. HSLDA will monitor bills introduced and keep our members advised of any effort to enact such laws.

— by Dewitt T. Black