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Social Worker Accuses Mom of Drug Use

A homeschooling mother received an unexpected visit from a social worker, who intimidated her way into the family’s apartment and spoke to both the mother and daughter regarding an anonymous tip she had received.* The tipster claimed that the single mother was using drugs and thereby endangering her child.

The social worker frightened the mother (who was innocent) and daughter with her harsh attitude and lack of courtesy. She eventually left, but promised to come back. On August 16, 2006, the family received their second visit from the social worker, but this time they were prepared. The mother, a member of Home School Legal Defense Association, called senior counsel Christopher Klicka and asked for advice. Klicka advised the mother not to let the social worker into her home, and asked to speak to the social worker. When Klicka explained the family’s rights, the social worker became loud and belligerent, but she finally left the house—albeit reluctantly.

Klicka followed up with a letter to the social worker. He explained that the mother did take prescription medication to address some minor medical issues, but these were not mind-altering drugs. Klicka concluded the letter by stating that the case should be closed, since more than enough evidence had been provided to prove the mother’s innocence. Acting on Klicka’s advice, the mother sent the social worker various letters of reference from those who could vouch for her innocence. She also provided her doctor’s contact information so the social worker could verify that she was not a drug abuser. The social worker has not contacted the family or Klicka since.

— by Christopher J. Klicka

* See "HSLDA social services contact policy."