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Group Advantages

Are you part of a homeschool group? Does that group offer a Home School Legal Defense Association membership discount? Here at HSLDA, we’re so convinced of the importance of support groups that we offer a $20 discount off our annual membership fee to families who participate in an eligible group. (Keep reading for eligibility details.) HSLDA Discount Groups also receive support and advice, free promotion on our website, discounts on group liability insurance, and eligibility for grants from the Home School Foundation.

Start by checking out our list of discount groups at www.hslda.org/orgs. Look for a group in your area that you can join, or consider having your own group added to the roster. For a homeschool group to be eligible to participate in HSLDA’s Group Discount Program, a minimum of 10 of its families must already be HSLDA members. After being added to our roster, each group is then responsible to maintain an enrollment list, communicate regularly with the group’s families, and make HSLDA membership materials available to new families who join the group.

To view the services we offer to our discount groups or to become a part of the program, go to www.hslda.org and select “Group Services” from the sidebar menu. In the future, we hope to improve the group services web page by adding direct access from the web page to our online group roster system, archived “e-zine” newsletters, and an online forum for group leaders to communicate with one another.

If you would like to represent HSLDA to your homeschool group, contact us at 540-338-5600 or email GroupServices@hslda.org. We will send you an information packet and membership applications. By publicizing the benefits of HSLDA group membership, you strengthen the growing network of homeschool families and help us provide these families with needed resources and encouragement.