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A Step Towards Freedom

Many families have expressed justifiable concern over some of the requirements of the New Mexico Public Education Department's online notification form.* Home School Legal Defense Association has worked closely with the Christian Association of Parent Educators-New Mexico (CAPE-NM) to solve the problem.

Thanks to the hard work of the CAPE-NM leadership, it appears that the state public education department has taken huge steps in the right direction! The most prominent of these changes is the fact that the department removed their statement that only online notifications would be accepted—the website now explicitly recognizes that the department will accept hard-copy notification forms.

In addition, the online form itself has been modified. Email addresses and phone numbers are requested but are no longer required information. Another significant change is that the spaces for the homeschooled children’s names have been removed and replaced with spaces for ages only. All in all, the assistant secretary of education, Dr. Parkinson, has been very responsive to homeschoolers’ concerns.

Based on this news, we are changing our past advice about online notification. We are now encouraging families to use the online form, if convenient. We appreciate the department’s good faith in working with CAPE-NM, its willingness to address our concerns, and the many beneficial changes it has made.

— by Scott W. Somerville

* See "A plethora of forms"